CoinsHub keeps all your Bitcoin and Altcoin cryptocurrency investments in one place. CoinsHub synchronizes with all your exchanges in real-time, so you can track all your assets in detail

All your cryptocurrency investments synchronized in one delightful app

It's hard to know how much money you have every moment when you are trading in so many exchanges. So, forget about updating your crypto portfolio.
You trade, we update


CoinsHub solves a common problem all crypto traders have. No matter if you HODL or trade every day. You need to know how much you have in real-time. CoinsHub does for you
Multiple Exchanges
We support the most used exchanges. Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Gdax (and Coinbase), Kraken, Poloniex,...! Just create an API Key (read permissions) and copy it into the exchange config
You choose your fiat currency
Once you are connected to an exchange, you can see your balance in any fiat money you want
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